Saturday, April 22, 2006

i'm working a lot, and going to the movies everyday - that's why i'm not posting that much. when i'm at home, i do some stuff for the Harry Potter swap! Yesterday i was aging some blank pages but i ran out of black tea :( going to buy some later.
i'm also knitting a way cute hat, i'll post some pics when i'm done.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

yay! i've got a job.
it's at ctcom, a place focused on press and communication relations. i work with the editorial content and graphical production, which means i work with e-letters and some boring stuff. i'm not a big fan of webdesigning but i'm needing some money.
more money = more craft supplies!

easter is coming, and i can't wait to eat lots of chocolate. (L) i think i'm going to buy some tomorrow. (L)

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Sunday, April 09, 2006 i live in a "The OC" episode.

non crafty weekend so far, cause i had absolutely no time. i went with some friends to a gay club on friday - and my feet are still aching cause i danced about 7 hours almost non stop O_o gay clubs have the BEST musics for dancing. and gay people rocks my world.

yesterday i watched this french movie with max ant it's good. i like when movies make you keep on thinking about them for days, and that's one of these movies.

right now, i'm dying to buy this pretty little thing : a eletronic/digital sewing machine by singer . i'd also like to start doing some felt toys - they're cute. i like the feeling of doing something, it's so good to look at a skirt, a purse, a scarve and think "oh my god, it was absolutely nothing before i put my hands on it."

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Thursday, April 06, 2006 hyperactive rabbit versus mad cat.

i couldn't wake up and go to college today, this flu is killing me for days. it's getting colder and colder in brazil by this time of the year, and i loved to stay in bed until 11am!
i worked a little bit on max's scarf, JUST A LITTLE BIT, cause Pipo (my cat) couldn't let me knit!

that's me (still in the pijamas) wearing my geek glasses, on the phone, knitting and trying to keep pipo away from the yarn

pipo wins.

he always bites the yarn and rip it off. after he did it about a dozen times, i gave up and gave him some scrap yarn i had, but he wanted the one i was using. ¬¬ so i'm waiting for him to get asleep, cause he's supermegaduperhyperactive today.

by the way, sze sent me this link today, it's a 3d animation based on the history of anne frank and the extermination of jews in holland during nazi occupation. it's beautiful, i'm dying to see this movie, and i think everyone should do it as soon as it comes to the theatres! =~

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i went to the movies with max today and we watched Ice Age: The Meltdown. So funny and cute. It makes me waant to start doing some felt toys O_o oh, the mamuth would be so cute.

i guess i always spend 75% of the day thinking about crafting. am i addicted? i'm writing down on my school notebook a few ideas i have for the harry potter swap - yeah, i'm a potter-geek. i can't tell yeat, cause i don't know who is my partner yet, and she could read it... and the surprise would be ruined! but there are lots of great ideas which i'll post as soon as i can.

i'm with this terrible flu for DAYS which means i don't talk too much when i'm at school - everything hurts when i do it. i'm taking the neverending-scarf i'm doing for max to the classes, and when everyone's chatting about stupid stuff i'm doing something real cool.
it sucks to be called grandma, though. but i don't care. it's better than talking about blondie-sluts and cheap sylicone.

i'm addicted to penpals - i LOVE writing letters. Hanna's letter (she's from NC) arrived yesterday! i wrote kelsey (she's from NY) a letter a few weeks ago and it did not arrived :/ I have no hope anymore, Kelsey. I guess I should write you another one. edited: i just readed kelsey's livejournal and the letter arrived today! yay! i'm so happy now. it made my day.

i have no pics for today, but i swear tomorrow i'll post one pic of pipo playing with my yarn! ^^ i'm not in the mood... i'm a little sad and just don't know why. i've been reading lots of "cute" stuff on the net lately. it makes me wonder... well, nevermind.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 lasagna, pantas and boring scarves.

dear friends of the rabbit,

here i am again, posting at the same time i eat a ready-made lasagna which i just took off from the microwave, yummy! i swear it's delicious, just like real lasagna.
i have no habilities to cook and my mom knows it - i'm always burning stuff, that's why she keeps me away from the oven. haha!

i can't cook but i can knit, yeah! i learned how to knit a couple of months ago, and here's my first beautiful completed project (scarves does not count) - it's a panta!

and, of course, that's me being silly

it's a simple and fun pattern, you can see the GIANT thread on crafster here

after i finished this project i'm so lazy to finish max's scarf... it's boring doing the same stitch for about 1.40m! i'd like to make socks or armwarmers now, omg, knitting is addictive.

ps: now non-logged people can comment too ^^ i forgot to set up the comments so anonymous could comment. hihi.

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Monday, April 03, 2006 this is where you're supposed to introduce yourself.

hi. i'm danny. i was born danielle at june 6th 1986.
i hate starting blogs, but i love them after they have several posts. i never know what to say when i first write, i always think i'm being stupid.
i have some friends that does not speak portuguese and could not read my livejournal. i also made this blog for people in craftster know who i am. and i wanted to show my crafts, in brasil (yeah, i live in brasil, and no, i can't dance samba :( ) we don't really have this craft culture or stuff.

what i know, i learned by myself. when i say i WANT to do something, i just learn. i don't know what happens. when i HAVE to learn something it's not that easy, heh. ;)

well, that's about me and crafts, and i said a lot about me! i guess now i should show people what i do. you'll know more about me when the time comes! (woooo! creepy!)

some time ago i decided i wanted to make purses. it seemed so easy, and i have a sewing machine my mom doesnt use very often. it was easy, i think. not to hard, in the beggining i used to take hours to make a simple purse, now it's going pretty fast. ^^

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