Sunday, April 09, 2006 i live in a "The OC" episode.

non crafty weekend so far, cause i had absolutely no time. i went with some friends to a gay club on friday - and my feet are still aching cause i danced about 7 hours almost non stop O_o gay clubs have the BEST musics for dancing. and gay people rocks my world.

yesterday i watched this french movie with max ant it's good. i like when movies make you keep on thinking about them for days, and that's one of these movies.

right now, i'm dying to buy this pretty little thing : a eletronic/digital sewing machine by singer . i'd also like to start doing some felt toys - they're cute. i like the feeling of doing something, it's so good to look at a skirt, a purse, a scarve and think "oh my god, it was absolutely nothing before i put my hands on it."

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