Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i went to the movies with max today and we watched Ice Age: The Meltdown. So funny and cute. It makes me waant to start doing some felt toys O_o oh, the mamuth would be so cute.

i guess i always spend 75% of the day thinking about crafting. am i addicted? i'm writing down on my school notebook a few ideas i have for the harry potter swap - yeah, i'm a potter-geek. i can't tell yeat, cause i don't know who is my partner yet, and she could read it... and the surprise would be ruined! but there are lots of great ideas which i'll post as soon as i can.

i'm with this terrible flu for DAYS which means i don't talk too much when i'm at school - everything hurts when i do it. i'm taking the neverending-scarf i'm doing for max to the classes, and when everyone's chatting about stupid stuff i'm doing something real cool.
it sucks to be called grandma, though. but i don't care. it's better than talking about blondie-sluts and cheap sylicone.

i'm addicted to penpals - i LOVE writing letters. Hanna's letter (she's from NC) arrived yesterday! i wrote kelsey (she's from NY) a letter a few weeks ago and it did not arrived :/ I have no hope anymore, Kelsey. I guess I should write you another one. edited: i just readed kelsey's livejournal and the letter arrived today! yay! i'm so happy now. it made my day.

i have no pics for today, but i swear tomorrow i'll post one pic of pipo playing with my yarn! ^^ i'm not in the mood... i'm a little sad and just don't know why. i've been reading lots of "cute" stuff on the net lately. it makes me wonder... well, nevermind.

posted by D. Cruz @ 3:36 PM

at 5:41 AM, Blogger sze said...

"it's better than talking about blondie-sluts and cheap sylicone."

haha, you got me cracking up there!

have you seen this?

maybe we can see some pics of you knitting in class (with those rocker geek glasses of yours!). =)

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