Tuesday, April 04, 2006 lasagna, pantas and boring scarves.

dear friends of the rabbit,

here i am again, posting at the same time i eat a ready-made lasagna which i just took off from the microwave, yummy! i swear it's delicious, just like real lasagna.
i have no habilities to cook and my mom knows it - i'm always burning stuff, that's why she keeps me away from the oven. haha!

i can't cook but i can knit, yeah! i learned how to knit a couple of months ago, and here's my first beautiful completed project (scarves does not count) - it's a panta!

and, of course, that's me being silly

it's a simple and fun pattern, you can see the GIANT thread on crafster here

after i finished this project i'm so lazy to finish max's scarf... it's boring doing the same stitch for about 1.40m! i'd like to make socks or armwarmers now, omg, knitting is addictive.

ps: now non-logged people can comment too ^^ i forgot to set up the comments so anonymous could comment. hihi.

posted by D. Cruz @ 10:55 AM

at 2:07 PM, Blogger sze said...

hey danny!

i'm just gonna say what i've already told you and what you've probably already heard too many times --- your panta rawks! love the colors way too much. ;)

'til then, gonna wait for your blog's new design.

p/s: i read your blog more religiously than you update it; so update more often!

at 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

[1] You're cute
[2] I'm jealous of you because you can knit
[3] I love your panta

aka flrtingwdisaster

at 10:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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