Monday, April 03, 2006 this is where you're supposed to introduce yourself.

hi. i'm danny. i was born danielle at june 6th 1986.
i hate starting blogs, but i love them after they have several posts. i never know what to say when i first write, i always think i'm being stupid.
i have some friends that does not speak portuguese and could not read my livejournal. i also made this blog for people in craftster know who i am. and i wanted to show my crafts, in brasil (yeah, i live in brasil, and no, i can't dance samba :( ) we don't really have this craft culture or stuff.

what i know, i learned by myself. when i say i WANT to do something, i just learn. i don't know what happens. when i HAVE to learn something it's not that easy, heh. ;)

well, that's about me and crafts, and i said a lot about me! i guess now i should show people what i do. you'll know more about me when the time comes! (woooo! creepy!)

some time ago i decided i wanted to make purses. it seemed so easy, and i have a sewing machine my mom doesnt use very often. it was easy, i think. not to hard, in the beggining i used to take hours to make a simple purse, now it's going pretty fast. ^^

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