Thursday, April 13, 2006

yay! i've got a job.
it's at ctcom, a place focused on press and communication relations. i work with the editorial content and graphical production, which means i work with e-letters and some boring stuff. i'm not a big fan of webdesigning but i'm needing some money.
more money = more craft supplies!

easter is coming, and i can't wait to eat lots of chocolate. (L) i think i'm going to buy some tomorrow. (L)

posted by D. Cruz @ 7:37 AM

at 2:47 AM, Blogger sze said...

Happy Easter and yayness on your new job! =)

at 2:44 AM, Blogger sze said...

Hey how was Easters?

And is your work keeping you away from posting those delightful pictures of your craft/knitting projects?!

Soon, perhaps?


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